Invitation to the Life Span 3rd Edition by Invitation to the Life Span 3rd

Web Design

[foxhost_heading size=”h1″ width=”fullwidth” heading=”Let Us Build Your Website” heading_subtitle=”Websites ready to go live in approx 7 days*”]
[foxhost_short_info heading=”We Improve Your Business” heading_subtitle=”Part of our CETMA Business Services. You supply us with the content, and let our creative team do the rest.

We offer a range of price tier based websites, which are set, where you provide us the content, and we can make the colour customisations to your chosen theme. BUT If you wanted a CUSTOM BUILT WEBSITE, please get in touch with the full website details and we will provide you with a quote ASAP”]

[foxhost_heading size=”h1″ style=”light” animation=”fadeInDown” heading=”Extra Protection From Our Plan” heading_subtitle=”WHAT WE DO”][foxhost_services animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Our Services” description=”Integer faucibus, dui quis pellentesque vestibulum, nulla ante aliquet turpis, in consectetur ex dui vitae erat in eleifend eros”][foxhost_service title=”Mobile Responsive Layout” description=”To ensure that your website can be viewed on all devices, we ensure all of our designs are mobile responsive” image=”1106″][foxhost_service title=”How To Guide” description=”A small how to document will be supplied once the website is complete so that you can update it and operate it as and when you wish” image=”1107″][foxhost_service title=”SEO Plugins” description=”We install SEO plugins to ensure that your website can be viewed on search engines. (this does not guarantee that you will be ranked highly in google etc.)” image=”1108″][/foxhost_services]
[foxhost_heading size=”h1″ width=”fullwidth” animation=”fadeInDown” heading=”Getting Started” css=”.vc_custom_1512393617193{margin-bottom: 60px !important;}”]
[foxhost_feature style_text=”dark” active_item=”yes” animation=”fadeInLeft” check_item=”yes” title=”Choose Your Domain Name” description=”Find a domain that suits you! domains are only £6.00 Per Year” text_title=”1″]
[foxhost_feature style_text=”dark” animation=”fadeInLeft” check_item=”yes” title=”Choose A Hosting Plan” description=”Choose any of our wordpress or linux hosting plans from Home PRO to Ultimate PRO” text_title=”2″]
[foxhost_feature style_text=”dark” animation=”fadeInLeft” check_item=”yes” title=”Choose Web Design Add-On” description=”You will be prompted with Add-Ons during checkout. We will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss your website.” text_title=”3″]

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